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Hi. I'm Pamela Crosby of Bournbrook Rd, Birmingham B29 7DD, and I'm a normal British housewife who just happens to have a passionate interest in cars.

My parents first noticed this when I was about six. My younger brother, who was about five years old, had been given a little pedal operated jeep to play in, which to me was a complete waste of time because his feet were too short to reach the pedals! I'd been given dolls to play with including a dolls pram, and I simply couldn't understand why it was not possible for us to swap! Perhaps even at six years of age I was well on my way to becoming a feminist.

I did eventually get to play in the car; a little girl can be very determined sometimes; and I used to sit in it imagining myself tearing around a race track in it or bumping all the other cars off the road on the motorway. I'm happy to say that I'venever done either of them in real life!

After I grew up and got married I was able at long last to afford my own car, which was a rather elderly Ford Escort. My husband was, and still is, a senior sales representative for a clothing manufacturer, which provided him with a company Mercedes C class. He thought it was a hoot at first when my old jalopy was parked next to his smart new machine, but I soon disabused of that. Young women can be very determined sometimes too.

I now run my own design company, in between looking after our two children, and the car I drive is a little more upmarket. Two years ago I bought another old car at auction, but this time it was an E-type Jag V12 roadster. I let hubby borrow it from time to time, but only if he's been good!!

Seriously though; if you fancy getting in touch to chat about anything car related please do so. You can e-mail me: pam at krazykars.co.uk.

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