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Protecting Your privacy

This website is owned and operated by Pamela Crosby of Bournbrook Rd, Birmingham B29 7DD, who is committed to maintaining your privacy. This is how this will be achieved.

Personal information that we may collect about you

The term 'personal information' includes any information which could be used to personally identify you. It does not include routine data that we receive through weblogs, and which is generic in nature, and which cannot be used to identify you.

How we collect information about you

This can only come about by a direct contact from yourself, whether you do this by post, e-mail, or telephone. We do not have any processes for collecting personal information about any visitors to our site.

How we store this information

If you contact us in any way it is likely that we will store a record of your contact electronically. This will be stored in a secure system to which only persons authorised by Pamela Crosby will have access. This authorisation will not be given unless it is necessary to do so in order to prevent a crime, defend our website, or comply with an instruction from a legal authority.

How long we keep this information

This information may be stored indefinitely.

Removal of this information

We will delete any information from our system that we have about you if you request us to do so, and satisfy us that you have proper authority to make this request.

Marketing to you

We will not use any information we have about you in order to attempt to persuade you to purchase or take an interest in any product or service.

Contacting you

We will only contact you in response to a direct enquiry from yourself. We will cease to contact you, even if your enquiry has not been completely answered, if you request us to do so.

Usage of your personal information

We will not provide any other person with any personal information that we hold about you under any circumstances unless it is necessary to do so in order to prevent a crime, defend our website, or comply with an instruction from a legal authority.

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses

We may store the IP address that you visited us from. This information may be aggregated with other information about other visitors. It cannot be used to personally identify you, and it would be used for statistical purposes only.

Your legal rights

You have rights to privacy which are enshrined in the United Kingdom Data Protection Act and the EU Data Privacy Directive. You are entitled under the Data Protection Act to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about about you in electronic form. We are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for providing this information but we will waive this on the first occasion.

If any personal information about you is incorrect, you have the right to insist on us correcting it.

Complaints about a suspected breach of your privacy

We take privacy very seriously and if you suspect that anything on our website has caused a breach of your privacy then we would welcome the chance to investigate this, and put right any defects in our system. If you do have concerns about this matter, please use our 'about us' page to get in touch with us.

This website belongs to Pamela Crosby of Bournbrook Rd, Birmingham B29 7DD and all contents are © Pamela Crosby 2019.

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